An Dau joins Shirley Rd Chiropractic in Crows Nest

An graduated from Macquarie University in 1997 after completing a Bachelor of Science degree with double major from the University of NSW.

An has lived in Scotland for 15 years, where she ran her own practice and numerous other businesses. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the USA to complete post graduate studies on nutrition, the mind-body connection, inflammation and the aging process.

An’s primary focus in practice is Neurostructural Correction. Daily habits and trauma causes a structural shift in our spine and our body creates secondary conditions (otherwise known as symptoms), which can lead to pain, weakness or imbalance. An’s main focus is to look for the primary condition, the cause of the Structural shift, and to restore the communication between the brain and body, helping to allow your body to work at it’s best.

An has 20 years of experience in dealing with patients from newborns to helping the aged population to keep fit, strong and active. She has a particular keen interest in prevention of degenerative conditions related to aging. 

In her spare time, when not running around after her Scottish husband and 2 active girls, An can be found strength training at the gym with the local Personal Trainers and she loves to cook up a storm. An is available at our Crows Nest clinic on a Tuesday and Thursday.