End of year letter 2018

Shirley Rd Chiropractic had a very eventful 2018. We not only celebrated our 20th Anniversary but also decided to consolidate the Norwest branch back to Shirley Rd’s original home in Crows Nest. As many people are aware this was a difficult decision after such a long period with a presence in “The Hills”. The Norwest practice officially closed on 30 September and the transition went smoother than expected. I thank the many Hills people that have travelled to Crows Nest and have really enjoyed their feedback in relation to the Crows Nest office. Thanks also to Daniel Zrnic who has been able to look after those who wanted to remain local.

Everyone seems to have enjoyed meeting Elissa and Gabby our reception staff at Crows Nest and also Nathan who has transferred across from Saturday morning reception at Norwest to Saturday morning Crows Nest. Wonderful Rachel, after many years with Shirley Rd Chiro, made a decision to stay in the Hills for work, but thankfully still pops over to Crows Nest with the family for an adjustment.

Brent will be available until this Friday 21 December 11am (then the floor sanders are moving in for some renovations). An will be available on Thursday 27 Dec and 3 January from 10-1, 2-6pm. She will also be seeing patients on Tuesday 8 January and Thursday 10 January. We will resume normal office hours on Monday 14 January.

We are looking forward to 2019 with some exciting prospects on the horizon. 

Happy Holidays!

Brent Gordon

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