Lanika Mylvaganam

Lanika Mylvaganam completed her Chiropractic studies at Macquarie University graduating in 2012. Her interest in the spine developed at a young age with her mother who had three back operations in her 30's and was left with chronic back pain. Having seen how such an invasive approach affected her, Lanika was inspired to seek preventative options for care which embodied full body health and wellbeing. 

During 2012 Lanika was part of a volunteer program called Hands On India. A group of Chiropractors and Chiropractic students spend time in a small village in India to assess and treat underprivileged families. The locals look forward to the annual 2 week visit from the mostly Australian Chiropractors who donate their time and expertise to the community. Lanika saw a wide range of conditions on this trip and gained as much as she gave back to the community. It was in India that Lanika developed a special interest in neurology as she was able to see just how powerful an impact chiropractic can have on the neuromusculoskeletal system. 

Lanika also has a keen interest in sports and enhancing performance. Having played for NSW in softball as well as playing Netball and athletics, Lanika aims to combine her knowledge of functional neurology and elite training in order to help athletes get the best out of their bodies and sports performances.

Lanika recently returned to Australia after practicing in Glasgow and Canterbury, UK. Since being back she has worked as a locum moving from sunny Queensland to country Victoria. Lanika is enjoying being home in Sydney and is excited to be working at the Crow’s Nest and Norwest clinics of Shirley Rd Chiropractic.