Exercise should be varied and incorporate full range of movement all joints and muscles, not just focussed on major muscle groups such as biceps or quadriceps.

The Swiss Ball is ideal for this purpose. Remember, it is the masses of small muscles between each vertebrae and throughout the torso that ultimately define a strong, durable and healthy back.

The following exercises are aimed at improving core stability. Regaining strength, flexibility and control. Swimming, yoga and pilates are also great for enhancing core stability. There are also exercise regimes for the neck and shoulders and other general mobilisation and stretches.

Some exercises shown use the “Swiss-Ball”. These balls are available at sport stores or directly through us at Shirley Rd Chiropractic. Importantly be sure to obtain a ball that has a “Burst-Proof” rating.

While it is easy to say one must remain active, it can be very disheartening, and even contraindicated, when someone has pain. The following exercise plans are only for people that have cleared their ability to do them with their chiropractor or doctor.

Good for improving general range of motion of the low back and leg muscles.

Now it’s time to tune up the muscles that hold the back and front together!

General range of motion to improve neck function in the workplace.

Improve shoulder range of motion and strength of the rotator cuff muscle group.

Improve your balance and activate your core muscle groups.

Try these once you have mastered the more basic ball exercises.

Keep mobile during pregnancy with these simple exercises.

Stay toned and mobile during pregnancy.