8 08, 2011

Breathe Well, Live Well!


Perfect abdominal breathing is readily observed in the newborn but unfortunately as we age, tension and stress in our day-to-day lives restrict this preferred pattern, resulting in a chronic and largely detrimental pattern of breathing.

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3 01, 2011

Are Baby Seats Good For Your Child’s Development?


It is understandable that all parents want the best for their newborn babies. Just walk into any large baby store and you are inundated with devices that are proposed to be "beneficial to the development of your baby".

Are Baby Seats Good For Your Child’s Development?2020-06-05T17:25:24+10:00
7 11, 2010

“Baby Talk” At Royal North Shore Private Hospital


Some months ago I was asked to present a lecture at North Shore Private Hospital to the senior midwife educators.

“Baby Talk” At Royal North Shore Private Hospital2020-06-09T11:21:15+10:00