26 05, 2021

Spinal Health Week Is Here!


Happy Spinal Health Week! This #SpinalHealthWeek we are asking Australians who suffer from back pain or want to maintain their spinal health to #ConsiderAChiro!

Spinal Health Week Is Here!2021-06-21T09:14:01+10:00
7 08, 2012

Swim For Your Back Pain While Our Olympians Swim For Gold


With the London Olympics finally here, Aussies will be reminded why as well as being one of our favourite pastimes, swimming is a fantastic way for people of all ages to keep fit and stay healthy.

Swim For Your Back Pain While Our Olympians Swim For Gold2020-06-05T15:51:14+10:00
8 08, 2011

Breathe Well, Live Well!


Perfect abdominal breathing is readily observed in the newborn but unfortunately as we age, tension and stress in our day-to-day lives restrict this preferred pattern, resulting in a chronic and largely detrimental pattern of breathing.

Breathe Well, Live Well!2020-06-05T17:13:45+10:00
5 06, 2010

National Chiropractic Care Week 2010


We are in the middle of National Chiropractic Care Week, 2010. The chiropractic profession has concentrated on improving the posture of people in the office, at home, and at school.

National Chiropractic Care Week 20102020-06-05T16:40:46+10:00
11 04, 2010

Heel Pain?


Many people suffer heel pain. And it doesn't sound so bad - until you have it!

Heel Pain?2020-06-05T17:28:44+10:00
7 04, 2010

Reduce The Risk Of Low Back Injury With Spine-Sparing Movements


Many people consider that their low back pain was caused by a single incident. However, this is rarely the case. Most peoples' low back pain is from an accumulation of stresses resulting from poor movement patterns and minor lifting strains.

Reduce The Risk Of Low Back Injury With Spine-Sparing Movements2020-06-05T16:49:47+10:00
6 03, 2010

Touchscreen Technology And Posture


A recent press release from Gartner, talks about how touchscreen technology has been present in various industrial applications for over 20 years, and that “Multitouch on smartphones and the Apple iPhone phenomenon have shown users how useful touch can be with the right implementation, and Apple's introduction of the larger iPad has set off a wave of speculation about changing the industry.”

Touchscreen Technology And Posture2020-06-05T16:44:11+10:00