Blair (Moog) from Mighty Car Mods shares a film about Life, Loss and Exercise and reflects on his time with Brent Gordon.

At certain points in life, we may reflect on what has happened or who we are.
Blair (Moog) from Mighty Car Mods has captured an authentic, self-reflective journey and released a film – “The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done – A Film about Life, Loss and Exercise”. It is an unbelievably honest portrayal of his life and I can say that I am so pleased to have played a part in his journey.
We will all experience loss in our lives, and it is fair to say that I have experienced more than my share. Friendships and being honest with one another can help us navigate through such difficult times. Like Blair, I also believe that we create our own narrative and this is evidently influenced by the people we meet and the words we read.
So surround yourself with good people and consume healthy content.
The film is beautifully crafted and I know that Blair was personally unsure whether this should be made public or whether it be kept under wraps. Based on the immediate feedback within the first 18 hours, and the >150,000 views in that time, I know that he has well surpassed helping “just one person”.
I am proud to have been a part of his journey and look forward to continuing to be a part of the next chapters. Well done mate! You are an inspiration to many!