A recent press release from Gartner, talks about how touchscreen technology has been present in various industrial applications for over 20 years, and that “Multitouch on smartphones and the Apple iPhone phenomenon have shown users how useful touch can be with the right implementation, and Apple’s introduction of the larger iPad has set off a wave of speculation about changing the industry.”

With an increasing use of touchscreen technology in daily life, as well as the work place, it is important to consider your posture, and to ensure that you are not over-doing it, when it comes to sitting or standing in the right position for extended periods.

At Shirley Road Chiropractic, we see people every day that present with symptoms related to extended computer use and the resultant poor posture. We assist people in developing an optimal sitting and standing posture, and advise on ways to prevent unnecessary stresses and loads in the workplace. Our Chiropractors have visited work places and social groups to discuss postural issues with large groups, and have encouraged people to work together to improve and maintain their posture.

With touchscreens being as portable as they are, there are changes occurring to the posture of computer users. So much so, that the implications of these changes cannot yet even be speculated upon. We can only advise that people consider how they are standing or sitting while they are using their mobile internet device, and to consult one of our chiropractors if they have questions about the long term effects of changes to their posture.

For the full Gartner press release, click here.